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Chime for Children aims to bring joy, inspiration, and education through high-quality live interactive music performances to children, with limited exposure and access to music with a focus on hospitals, family centers, and public schools.

Our Story:

In 2016, Adelya and Yoonah met through Ensemble Connect, a two year fellowship program under the joint auspices of Carnegie Hall, The Juilliard School and The Weill Music Institute. During our tenure with Ensemble Connect, we gave interactive performances at venues serving socially isolated groups, such as homeless shelters, correctional facilities, and for organizations supporting special needs populations. We witnessed firsthand the positive impact music had on our listeners and thus our commitment to bring music into their lives grew immensely. Our aim behind interactive performances is to create an engaging atmosphere for listeners. Our audiences become an integral part of the concert by contributing their own ideas to further discover musical works. This results in a personalized concert experience for both the audience members and the performers. Our interactive performances are specifically tailored to specific age groups, focusing on their different strengths. We particularly enjoy working with children because of their eager and creative minds and we have been so moved by their enthusiasm throughout our performances.


In 2020, with the generous donation from an anonymous Kindness Angel, who believes in making a difference in the world by bringing joy and kindness, we founded Chime for Children. 2020 was a difficult year for everyone. COVID-19 isolated us from our loved ones and many lost their sense of community. More than ever before, we feel the need to bring happiness into children’s lives by doing what we do best: playing music. We believe in the power of music to bring communities together and to bring light into the lives of children.

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